Cowboy Poetry and Music w/ Martin & Murray

Tim Martin of “Martin and Murray” has been singing and playing music for over 40 years. The lifestyle, values and culture of the Cowboy and life in North Central Texas permeate his music. He is doing his part to keep the Spirit of the West alive by writing original songs and covering artists like Dave Stamey, Ian Tyson, R.W. Hampton, as well as the old trail songs that have been a part of Cowboy lore for generations.
Tim also has a strong gospel/bluegrass influence coming from his younger days in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Tim’s first professional work was singing second tenor in the original Christian Music Hall of Fame group “Acappella” out of Paris, Tennessee Tim combines his love for music with his work as a hospice chaplain by singing for many of his patients and currently playing for 18 nursing homes a month from Baird to Stephenville and Brady to Ranger.
Tim met Glenn Murray when they both served as chaplains for hospice in Comanche Texas. Glenn became the bassist in Tim’s band “Spirit of the West’. Over time it was clear that they both had a passion for the cowboy way of life and music and they formed “Martin and Murray” with the goal of playing at Cowboy Poetry Gatherings, Rodeo Events, and Cowboy Churches. As well as working on putting together their first CD, Martin and Murray are also working music for a project related to the story/screenplay “Transcending Times – The Charles Alsonso Kennedy Story”



Dr. Robert Bob Medicine Show

Robar (Robert Adams) has been a musical performer since the age of 7 when he began playing at local Dude Ranches around the camp fires.  His first recordings began while he was in high school and quickly expanded to gigs across the state.  Robar performs with Claude “ Butch”  Morgan, The Perfect Parrot Head Party Band,  Loose Change and I  Ching Gatos.  You can see him on Saturdays at Cowboys on Main as Dr. Robert Bob Adams Medical Music Healer.





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