As  the  youngest  person  to  be  awarded  Western  Music  Association’s  Female  Performer  of  the  Year   Award  (in  2016),  Mikki  Daniel  captivates  audiences  with  her  mesmerizing  performances  and  ability  to   spin  a  tale.      Her  young  resume  includes  singing,  playing  multiple  instruments,  songwriting,  horse   training  and  writing  historical  fiction  novels.  Living  her  whole  life  on  a  small  ranch  as  a  real  cowgirl,   she  discovered  her  true  calling  of  playing,  writing  and  singing  Western  music  when  she,  at  5,  fell  in   love  with  Roy  Rogers  and  Gene  Autry  movies  –  she  even  owns  (and  trained)  a  golden  palomino  named   Trigger.  Mikki  was  mentored  into  the  fascinating  world  of  American  cowboy-­‐style  music,  yodeling  and   western  swing  (the  official  music  of  Texas!)  first  by  those  movie  icons  and  then  by  contemporary   music  greats  such  as  Dave  Alexander,  Joey  McKenzie,  Bobby  Flores,  Janet  McBride,  Rich  O’Brian,  and  Dick  Gimble.  Mikki  began  delighting  audiences  at  festivals  and  events  across  the  country  with  her   unique  style  which  n  o  w  crosses  genres  from  swing,  western,  western  swing,  big  band,  gospel,  classic   country  and  more.    Her  performances  are  full  of  soulful,  Mikki-­‐style  renditions  of  old  classics  and   originals  as  well  as  songs  and  tales  that  bring  out  her  sparkling  vocals  and  personality.  Mikki  is  so   unique  and  loved  for  what  she  does,  she  was  featured  in  Western  Horseman  Magazine  in  Dec.  2016   and  on  national  television  for  RIDE  TV  with  “Unbridled  Song-­‐Mikki  Daniel”.    Other  national    TV   performances  include  RIDE  TV’s  “Ride  on  the  Road-­‐Lincoln  County  Symposium”,  RFD-­‐TV’s  “The   Penney  Gilley  Show”  and  “Horse  Country  Tours”.    She  has  been  proud  to  represent  Western  music  at   such  events  as  the  Professional  Racing  Industry  Trade  Show  Convention  in  Indianapolis,  IN.  Mikki  is  honored  to  count  among  her  numerous    awards  the  prestigious  New  Horizons  Wrangler  Award  for  her   debut  CD,  “Gotta  Be  A  Cowgirl,”  which  contains  9  songs  that  Mikki  wrote;  she  made  history  by  being     the  youngest  person  to  ever  win  a  Western  Heritage  Wrangler  Award.  Her  second  CD,  “Cowgirl  Swing,”   (also  with  9  originals)  has  been  awarded  Western  Swing  Album  of  the  Year  by  the  Western  Music   Association  and  the  Rural  Roots  Commission.  She  has  been  awarded  the  WMA  Crescendo  Award,  the   WMA  Marilyn  Tuttle  “Best  of  the  Best”  Harmony  Award,  the  WMA  Janet  McBride  “Best  of  the  Best”   Yodeling  Award,  and  received  nominations  from  the  WMA  for  Song  of  the  Year  for  “She  Could  Ride”   and  Western  Swing  Album  of  the  Year  for  “Gotta  Be  a  Cowgirl.”  The  AWA  awarded  Mikki  the  2017     Western  Female  of  the  Year  award,  in  2013  Yodeler  of  the  Year  Award  and  over  the  years  AWA
nominations  for  Western  Swing  Female,  Western  Swing  Album,  Western  Album  and  Western  Song  (for   “Johnny  Harness  the  Team”).  She  is  extremely  honored  to  already  have  been  inducted  in  the  Cowtown   Society’s  Western  Swing  Hall  of  Fame  and  twice  receive  Ameripolitan’s  nomination  for    Western  Swing   Female.  She  published  her  first  historical  fiction  novel,  Girls  and  Gunsmoke,  in  2014,  for  which  she  also   has  received  awards.  She  performs  most  often  as  a  solo  artist  but  also  with  her  band,  Texas  Wildfire,   (3,  4  or  5  piece)  which  she  formed  in  2014.  You  can’t  help  but  love  the  personality,  charm  and   engaging  performance  of  this  dynamic,  young  entertainer!

There  are  some  unbelievable  folks  out  there  that  are  keeping  this  music  alive;  the  main  one  is  Mikki  Daniel.  She’s  an   extremely  talented  young  lady  with  a  lot  of  pizzazz  and  a  tremendous  amount  of  confidence  in  what  she  is  doing.Red Steagall
Mikki  Daniel  has  the  ability  to  interpret  her  own  tunes  as  well  as  those  of  others,  her  incredible  songwriting  is  really   authentic.  She  represents  a  great  hope  of  the  future  of  western  music.    I’d  say  that’s  a  pretty  exciting  statement!Michael Martin Murphey


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Steve is a native 7th generation Texan, with a rich ancestry of early cattlemen who were among the first pioneers settling the western frontier.  For history buffs, his forefathers helped establish the uncharted cattle trails with such noted cattlemen as Oliver Loving and Charles Goodnight.
Steve is a top-level vocalist, musician and composer, who combine his singing and acting career with his everyday lifestyle, along with his strong patriotism and unwavering faith in God.
He is committed to the preservation of western music in its purest form.  Steve has been featured on the CBS Morning Show, Good Morning America, A&E Channel, Westerns Channel, Great American Wild West Shows, Talk America Radio Network, Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO., Six Flags over Texas, TV-5- Branson, The Nashville Network, KABC TV-Eye on LA., National Westerns-Denver, Co., Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas, Nev. and more.
Much like his forefathers, who served in the Texas Legislature, when Texas first became a state, and wrote and published detailed accounts of life on the Texas frontier, Steve’s songs are enriched by his real life, rich cowboy experiences.  He has many tales to tell of the Old West.
Steve is an inductee into the “Gene Autry Cowboy Museum” in Gene Autry, Okla.
His music is laced with cowboy tradition.  Every melodic note and inflection of voice portrays open range, mesquite trees, sage brush and golden sunsets.
Steve and his lovely wife, Eileen (a noted opera singer), blend their voices beautifully, pleasing audiences throughout the US.


Cowboy Poetry and Music w/ Martin & Murray

Tim Martin of “Martin and Murray” has been singing and playing music for over 40 years. The lifestyle, values and culture of the Cowboy and life in North Central Texas permeate his music. He is doing his part to keep the Spirit of the West alive by writing original songs and covering artists like Dave Stamey, Ian Tyson, R.W. Hampton, as well as the old trail songs that have been a part of Cowboy lore for generations.
Tim also has a strong gospel/bluegrass influence coming from his younger days in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Tim’s first professional work was singing second tenor in the original Christian Music Hall of Fame group “Acappella” out of Paris, Tennessee Tim combines his love for music with his work as a hospice chaplain by singing for many of his patients and currently playing for 18 nursing homes a month from Baird to Stephenville and Brady to Ranger.
Tim met Glenn Murray when they both served as chaplains for hospice in Comanche Texas. Glenn became the bassist in Tim’s band “Spirit of the West’. Over time it was clear that they both had a passion for the cowboy way of life and music and they formed “Martin and Murray” with the goal of playing at Cowboy Poetry Gatherings, Rodeo Events, and Cowboy Churches. As well as working on putting together their first CD, Martin and Murray are also working music for a project related to the story/screenplay “Transcending Times – The Charles Alsonso Kennedy Story”



Dr. Robert Bob Medicine Show

Robar (Robert Adams) has been a musical performer since the age of 7 when he began playing at local Dude Ranches around the camp fires.  His first recordings began while he was in high school and quickly expanded to gigs across the state.  Robar performs with Claude “ Butch”  Morgan, The Perfect Parrot Head Party Band,  Loose Change and I  Ching Gatos.  You can see him on Saturdays at Cowboys on Main as Dr. Robert Bob Adams Medical Music Healer.





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